CNC Lathes, Cyclic lathes, Oil country lathes, Universal centre lathse, Slotting machine and Sawing machine.

Bulin Ltd. was established in March 1996 through merger of 3 trade companies, who were machine tools dealers. So Bulin Ltd. became one of the leading exporters of Bulgarian machinery. All the Bulin’s staff has experience in the field of export of machinery over 35 years. BULIN LIMITED LTD  is the successor of the Bulin Ltd.

Business activity
Bulin Limited Ltd is export oriented Trade Company. We are dealer of all Bulgarian producers. The Bulgarian machines are known worldwide over 70 years. They are popular with their variety, European quality with good performance and reasonable prices. All the machines are in conformity to European Union’s safety norms (CE).

We sell machines in Europe, South America, Indonesia, Thailand, Gulf countries, Australia.

Quality, guarantee and spare parts
All the machines we deliver are checked by our specialists. The quality control includes checking of machines’ geometry, functioning, equipment and finishing. Every machine is to checked minimum twice before we to dispatch it to our customers.
The guarantee is 12 months after putting the machines in operation, but not longer than 18 months after the delivery date. During the guarantee period we supply spare parts, units, etc. free of charge.
We assure spare parts after the guarantee period even for machines produced years ago, even for machines which are not in production anymore.

TEL: (++359.2) 866 50 90
FAX: (++359) 888 60 91 37
Registered office :
23,Dobri Voinikov Str.
1164 Sofia,



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